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  About Adirai                                  

Location of Adirampattinam

Adirampattinam is a coastal town on the East Coast of South India in Tamil Nadu State.

The town derived its name from the Pandian King ADI VEERA RAMA PANDIAN (meaning extremely brave Rama Pandian) who ruled the South Tamilnadu in the 2nd Century ADIRAMPATTINAM means Port Town.


1.Khadir Mohideen Mens Higher Seconday School

Established in 1949 by SMS Shaik Jalaludeen in Middle Street and in 1954 it was shifted to the present locations in Sethu Road. There are 1600 students with 45 teachers and 12 officer administrators. The classes range from the 6th to 12th Standard.

2.Khadir Mohideen College

Started in 1955 by M.K.N Trust with the great help from father of education Haji SMS Shaik Jalaludeen. This is affiliated to Tiruchy Bharathidasan University. Postgraduate degrees offered are MSc Zoology, MSc Physics, MSc Computer Science, Mcom and MCA. There is both evening as well as Day College. There are roughly 1800 students with 87 lecturers and professors and 42 Office Administrators.


3.Khadir Mohideen Women's Higher Secondary School

In order to educate Adirai women, this schoolwas started in 1982 by M.K.N Trust. There are 830 students with 30 lecturers and professors and 5 office administrators.

4.Imam Shafi (Rah) Higher Secondary School

This serves in educating both academy as well as Islamic educations. Started in 1973 by Janab M. Shaikadiar and in due course it was shifted to various locations and now it functions in Pattukottai Road. There are 1500 students and 70 teachers with 15 office Administrators.

5.Government Women's Higher Secondary School

Established in 1982 by late Chief Minister M.G.Ramachandran, there are now 700 students.

6.Union Middle School

Located in Mariamman Koil Street with classes from 6 to 8.

7. Shaduliya Industrial Training Institute (ITI)

Established in 1984 by Late Haji S.M.S Shaik Jalaludeen in Customs Road. The main course offered are Welding, Diesel mechanic, Electrician, Draftsman. There are 50 students with 7 Teachers.

8.Nursery and Kindergartens

Apart from above mentioned schools and colleges, there are also large number of Nursery schools for young children. Few of them are Shathuliya Nursery school (Javia Road), Western, Tharbiyathul Islam, Sengamalan, Panchalan and Oxford.

There are also 7 Government run primary schools.











9.Slahiyaa Arabic College

Run by M.K.N Trust. Previously established in middle street and now for the past 3 years it is shifted to new building in Sethu Road. Principal: A.S.M Sardhar Mohideen, Lecturer: 7, Students: 58

10.Al-Madurasathur Rehmania

Established in 1915 by M.M family, The main courses offered are Islamic teachings there are 45 students and 6 teachers.

11.Uswathur Rasool Madrasathur Niswan

This serves in educating Muslim women with Islamic knowledge as well as teaching tailoring and cooking, it was established in 1972 and located in Pudumanai street. There are approximately 100 students, local and foreign. There are also 5 teachers.



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