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 About Me                                  


  • Khatib Khan. B.

Age :

  • 23


  • 06 dec 1981



Primary Upto 5th - Imam Safi Higher Sec. School-adirai

6th to 10th - K.M.H.S.School - adirai

10th to 12th - Govt. boys higher Sec. School - Pattukkottai


  • B.Tech. (chemical) - (1999 to 2003)
  • Dr.M.G.R.Engineering college, chennai.


fffffffff1. Supervisor, White House, India (Nov03 to Nov05)

fffffffff2. Prcess Engineer, Huber Technology, UAE (Since 25.01.06)


  • Computing (Doing things with OS,especially in winXP), reading computer magazines, music (soft rock, jazz, classical and a few others), surfing, trying out new binaries (application programs from the 'Net and CDs) under Windows/Linux. Reading and doing about some unofficial things in Syetem Security , chatting with friends .

What all I do?

  • Read documentation online and from downloaded files,Mostly reading other then subject Books.
  • Listen to music and watch television when there is something interesting, if not, I sometimes leave it on and 'listen' to the TV for music while sitting at the computer or reading something.
  • Software installation, servicing and maintenance for friends computer (Little Bit).
  • Working with win registry and reading about a lot of information in Security.
  • Playing games ( specifically in Age of Mythology,Diablo II).
  • The book The i like is Unofficial Guide To Ethical Hacking (Written by Ankit Fadia).
  • My fav song is ( Las Ketchup - Asereje )
  • The Albums i am enjoyed are (Back Street Boys,Ricky Martin,Bryan Adams.... )
  • The Songs i am enjoyed are ( I like mohan hits,Spb's hits,yeah ofcourse Jesudas hits.., Mostly i would like to listen Old songs ( Not too old ( middle period ) songs. 
  • Then i would like to listen musics with full Bass effect "if my home members permit " 
  • The latest news is Joined new company (huber technology).





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