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1. Longhorn:

The next Operating System from Microsoft. Longhorn Beta version has already released. the full version of Longhorn will release at 2005. If u want more details about Longhorn, plz visit Longlorn section.

now the name is changed to VISTA.

2. Panther 10.3

Panther is the new operation system of Apple (Mac OS ). Now they are introduced panther to Indian market. it will support 3.5 terabytes storage device. The rate of panther server pack (up to 10 clients) is Rs.23, 800.


3. Black Comb

It is the next release of server operating system, from Microsoft. (next to windows 2003 server). It will be release at 2010.


4. McAfee entercept

It is the new Anti virus software from MecAfee. for Windows XP and Windows server 2003. protect from virus and worms.


 5. Europe under attack from hackers

Since the war in Iraq European countries have reported an increase in hacking attacks. European victims, including the UK, now account for 36 per cent of all worldwide digital attacks.


6. - New worm

Yesterday, a new worm called "Netsky.B" emerged on the Internet. It spreads by mimicking familiar e-mail addresses and enticing users to open file attachments containing malicious software.


7. Google just keeps on getting bigger

search engine Google, said it had expanded its web index to include over six billion items.

8.Microsoft Windows Leak – Has it opened up the door to viruses?

Last week the Microsoft Corporation announced that part of the source code for Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0 had been leaked and posted illegally online.

9.Microsoft Windows source leaked online

According to Microsoft, parts of the Windows source code have been leaked over the Internet.

e for Linux.

10. Microsoft’s Longhorn

A long time coming. Microsoft is currently in the early stages of building the next version of Windows, codenamed "Longhorn" which will replace Windows XP.l game for Linux.

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